4 Reasons to Hire Me to Be Your Photographer

If you plan to have photos taken this year, consider Randall Hartman Photography to be your photographer. Together, let’s stop time and capture memories. Your loved ones will be grateful. You will enjoy the experience and treasure the photos.

Many good photographers live in Southwest Michigan. Why would you hire me?

Here’s my top 4 answers to that question:

  1. You want assurance that the photos will be right. Unlike many photographers, I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  2. You want competitive rates. My rates are competitive. This is especially true when you consider the current introductory special of 50% off.
  3. You want quick delivery. I promise to deliver your photos on a thumb drive within 7 days of your session. This quick turn-around time includes careful editing to assure the highest quality.
  4. You want an enjoyable experience. If you want a photographer that demands you say cheese and pose in certain ways, then I’m not your guy. My goal is to have a great experience while capturing stunning memories!

I would love to be your photographer. But If you decide to hire someone else, just make sure they’re looking out for you. You deserve it.

Fill out the simple form below to start a conversation about booking a session. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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