Event Photography for the Michigan District Church of the Nazarene

“Event Photography is the art of capturing experiences wherever people gather.”

Indian Lake Nazarene Camp in Vicksburg, Michigan is the place I call home. It’s a unique place. The land, owned by the Church of the Nazarene, hosts many events. The primary annual event is the District Assembly and Campmeeting. These meetings span a period of seven days.

People from 70 West Michigan churches gathered at this event to conduct business and enjoy religious services. The leadership hired me to be the event photographer for their 2021 meetings.

Main events took place in a 1600 seat auditorium called The Tabernacle. From a photographer’s viewpoint, it presents a couple of challenges. First, the spotlight illuminates speakers to the point of darkening the background. Second, the various light sources were at different temperatures. Some of the lights were cool; others warm. I’m glad I arrived a day early to properly adjust My camera’s white balance.

In event photography it’s helpful to capture three types of shots. The establishing shot demonstrates the size of the event and provides context. The midrange shot provides more detail as the viewer steps closer to the action. And the close up shot gives details not understood with context. It was fun to keep this in mind as I photographed through the week.

Event photography is challenging but exciting. It’s my goal to do more event sessions.

Check out the GALLERY OF PHOTOS taken during the event on this page. And if you need of an event photographer, please let me know!

If you want to know more about my event photography please click HERE.

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  1. Mary Margaret Reed says:

    Your photography never disappoints! Unique and interesting


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