Prairie Ronde Art Gallery Show

The last weeks of June 2023 the Prairie Ronde Artists Gallery in Vicksburg, Michigan exhibited my photographs. The exhibit was named “Seeing Near & Far in Black & White” and featured 21 photos. The first photo in the series featured the door of Prairie Ronde Artists Gallery. With the viewing of each photo you journey further and further from the gallery. Photos were displayed of Vicksburg, Michigan; Kalamazoo County; Toledo, Ohio; Van Wert, Ohio; Chicago, Illinois; New York, New York; Wildwood, New Jersey; Cape May, New Jersey; Antigua, Guatemala; Pendleton, Oregon; and Alaska.

If you were unable to attend the show you can take the virtual tour HERE. This link takes you to a video on Youtube.

As a result of the show, new friends were made and old friends were welcomed. I sold photos and generated some possibilities for future work. The local newspaper, The South County News, did a feature story on me, The experience was very positive. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have my photos exhibited in an art gallery.