About This Site

Welcome to my photography site. This is not to be confused with my other website randallhartman.com, where I publish articles not related to photography.

In this website I focus on documenting the world around me. My camera is always with me and I use it! If I’m at an event or traveling or in my little town I document what I see with my camera. True documentary photographers will gasp at my admission that I feel free to edit out a misplaced trash bin if it’s distracting. This means my photos document the world through my eyes.

My love is to document and create art. Part of this love is to help you document your world. Consider hiring me to photograph your event, an accomplishment, or a special moment. Click HERE to see the organizations who have hired me and to get an idea for my fees.

My photographic journey has taken an evolutionary path. If you want to read about how I started and what I’ve done in photography please read THIS.

I’m available to be your photographer. Email me at burpos@gmail.com to discuss your needs.