The Power of Asking with An Example

How’s your life going? Are you happy? Is your career moving forward? If you have goals are you achieving them? Does hope fill your heart?

If your answers are depressing, let me share a powerful principle with you. I call it the Power of Asking.

As a photographer, I’ve dreamed of the day when I could exhibit my photographs in an art gallery. If you don’t know any photographers, I ought to tell you that we take thousands of photos every year. And what do we do with them? We post a few of them on social media. And then we, uh, do nothing else. The photos we take die a boring death parked on a hard drive. But on the inside, photographers love to show their work to others. An exhibit of your photographic work is the shadow secret in the heart of camera junkies.

It was my dream. But I knew the odds were against me. I read that most photographers never have the opportinuty to show their work in an art gallery. Why should I even bother? But instead of giving up, I decided to tap into the Power of Asking.

There is an art gallery in my small town. I was friends with someone who was a friend of the gallery manager. All I did was ask. I came up with a theme: “Seeing Near and Far in Black and White.” The gallery manager asked for a written proposal along with thumbnails of my work. The result? In eight days my photos will be on exhibit for two weeks at the local art gallery. It’s all because I exercised the Power of Asking.

Think about what you need or want to do. What goals are you struggling to meet? Is your career stalling? Exercise the Power of Asking. Make a list of what you want to get done. Next to each one, write down the name of someone who could help you knock out the items on your list. Ask for help. Don’t beg. Just ask. Most people like to help. If they turn you down, don’t get discouraged. Ask someone else. You can do it!

If you live in the area, consider coming to the exhibit held in Vicksburg, Michigan. . (Look at me exercising the Power of Asking!) I would be especially thrilled if you showed up for the opening exhibit party Thursday, June 15 at 6:00 PM. If you want more details please click on THIS LINK which will take you to the Facebook Event Invite.

Let me know your results when you exercise this power principle.

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