Randall Hartman Photography Featured in the News

The July 2023 issue of The South County News in Kalamazoo, Michigan published a story featuring Randall Hartman Photography about my exhibit at the Prairie Ronde artists Gallery. Alisha Siebers, Executive Director of the Vicksburg Cultural Arts Center, conducted the interview. The newspaper is distributed to 12,000 homes in the southern part of Kalamazoo County.

The article began with an explanation of my photographic exhibit held at the Prairie Ronde Artist Gallery in Vicksburg, Michigan. Additionally, it describes my personal journey as a photographer.

Alisha asked why the photos were only in black and white. I explained often color distracts from the photo. As an example, I pointed to a photograph on display of a Mayan vendor in Guatemala. When I posted it in color on social media ALL comments focused on the colors in the photo. “Look at the bright colors in her top” or “Those avocados are a bright green” were typical responses. Not one comment was about the photo. However, when I changed it to black and white, I saw this comment, “Look at the lines in her face. I wonder if she’s lived a hard life.” In effect, black and white photos invite you to look deeper into the story of the photo.

The article highlights the privilege of displaying photographs in an art gallery exhibit. Many photographers have tens of thousands of photos laying dormant on computer hard drives. Most of these never see the light of day. The majority of photographers never do a gallery show. In contrast, the win for me was to simply have people enjoy my photographs.

Although the event is now completed, I’m looking and planning for the next move forward in my photography career.

If you missed the event you can take a virtual tour of the show HERE.

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