Everyone’s a Photographer

Everyone’s a photographer.

It’s true. You are a photographer. Your sister and brother are photographers. So are your mom and dad. These are bold statements. But you know it’s true. It’s true because everyone carries a cellphone with a built in camera. And with every upgrade the cameras are getting better and better. This technological advancement is revolutionizing the photography industry. 

The biggest part of this revolution is that everyone is a photographer. Spend a few moments on Facebook and you will agree. Snap. Snap. Post. Post. Everyone is taking and sharing photographs.

Some professional photographers see this as bad news. They are wringing their hands fearing they will soon be out of business. They lament, “Why would anyone pay me to take photos when everyone has a camera built into their phone?” Here’s the answer: everyone is a photographer but not everyone is a GOOD photographer. Most people armed with a cellphone camera point, shoot, hope, and pray the photo looks good.

Some moments are too precious to leave to chance. For example, why have a friend or relative with a cellphone snap your engagements pictures and hope they turn out? Do you really want to gather your family together for pictures and have Aunt Sue take photos with a cellphone? Why plan your senior photos hoping your cellphone photographer fully charged the phone?

Whether you ask me to take your photos or someone else, please hire someone to do it.  Some moments are so precious you can’t afford to leave them to chance. 

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